Naomi’s Story – What an experience!

Judith delivered my 7th child, Beth, at 10lb 2 oz and 22 in long; she was a big baby. Judith was so good at reading me and my feelings and my countenance and knowing my full history. Going to her was so different than going through a doctor and even a home birth doctor.  She is more observant and asks more questions and in general took more time with me than any of my previous experiences. This is all a part of how she readied herself and me to go through the whole home birth experience. All I need to tell you is: it was an experience

Her prenatal care was thorough. She spent time talking to me and talking to the baby which was different but I liked it because I knew her focus and care was about my baby as well. She also paid attention to my household surroundings and took in what my kids did/said and what my husband was saying/feeling and even our dog. She offered me various homeopathic remedies for the frequent ‘symptoms’ of pregnancy, such as back pain, leg cramps, diet helps, etc. She knew all the stresses that were surrounding me and how that can affect the outcome. This is so different than going to a medical doctor. When I look back on other birthing experiences, I did not know the people that were going to be a huge part of my life nor did they know me. If I could go back and choose one over the other, I know I would choose a home birth experience just for the relationship.


I wanted and needed someone with the experience Judith offers as well. I knew with more pregnancies can come different complications. Therefore, Judith let me know by telling me her different stories that she would be ‘ready’ for possible difficulties. I am thankful she was ready because my husband and I were surprised. I finally went into labor after much trying/praying/figuring dates in the evening of May 28th. The active labor did not kick in until after 3 a.m. on the 29th. It was an amazing delivery because Judith had me stand up and walk to the bathroom (off of our bedroom carpet). With the help and support of my husband, I sort of squatted with my husband facing and holding me and with a few pushes my baby popped out. My husband vividly remembers her delivery because he really felt my stomach go ‘flat’. He held our baby first, and then I took her in my arms and walked back to the bed to talk to my baby while she was still attached to the umbilical cord. I was able to nurse her right away.


Judith knew very quickly when I was in trouble with bleeding.  She was focused, serious and intent on me. She did not alarm my husband or myself but spoke openly with us about making sure this bleeding stopped. We got the it under control while I was nursing my baby. Unfortunately a short time later I started bleeding again and Judith knew if my bladder could be emptied then my uterus would cooperate. I tried to get my body to work, but we did have to use a catheter. After that the bleeding was taken care of. My postpartum recovery took such a short amount of time compared to my previous births. Despite the loss of blood, I noticed a positive difference in my body quicker. Even my milk came in 24 hours earlier than usual for me which was helpful with a larger baby. I think the biggest difference in having our baby at home that I have noticed so far is the way Beth has bonded with me and my husband. From a very early age, she would track us, with her eyes around the room.  She is observant of where we are all the time. I do not remember this happening with the other babies. She is so unique .


I would highly recommend Judith to anyone interested in home birth (and even some on the fence:) She is one of a kind!