Kathy’s Story – Full Term Twins

My birth story starts years ago when my first child was delivered with forceps at the end of an unnecessary induction. After recovering from my first child’s birth, I decided that a midwife’s more gentle birth choices were for me. My second child was born at a birthing center with two midwives. The experience was hundreds of times more fulfilling than my hospital birth. We moved and a short time later we learned I was expecting another child. We felt like we were better prepared for a home birth and found a certified nurse midwife to take care of me during my third pregnancy and birth. I loved everything about a home birth, nothing to pack, and the preparations that we made just really fit in with my nesting instincts. The pregnancy was much more enjoyable as I didn’t have long office waits or drives; it was all in my home. It was the easiest labor and delivery and that was saying something, because my third was a big, big, boy. He was 24 inches long and weighed 10 lbs 6 oz at birth.


After two wonderful birthing experiences with midwives, it was only natural that in my 4th pregnancy I went back to my midwife again. However there was a bump in the road, or better put, two bumps in the road. About halfway through the pregnancy we discovered I was expecting twins! My midwife didn’t have experience with delivering twins and referred me to her contracted doctor, who was one of the top doctors in the area for twin pregnancies.

Thinking this was my only option I started going to the doctor. Immediately I remembered why I liked home births. The personal, emotional, and spiritual element of being with a midwife was missing. The natural elements of the birthing experience were minimized, and the medical aspects emphasized. For example, the doctor told me that I would not be able to walk around in the birthing room, but would be strapped in stirrups to labor. The birth also would not occur in a standard labor and delivery room, but in the operating room, thus facilitating a Caesarian if it became necessary He said that this was necessary because it was a multiple pregnancy and birth, acknowledging that single birth parents had more choices for labor and delivery at the hospital The longer I saw him the more nervous and dissatisfied I became with the care I was receiving After much prayer and fasting, my husband and I decided to try to find a midwife that would birth our twins at home Yes, the difference between a hospital birth and home birth with a midwife was that dramatic; that we would be willing to go to such lengths to have these babies delivered with a caring midwife


The Lord is merciful and through our efforts and by a simple miracle we were able to find Judith She listened to our concerns and offered experience with twins We felt like we had found what we needed. Judith gave me great care and immediately started me on some herbal supplements to compliment my nutritional regime that I followed to ensure the best possible multiple pregnancy outcome. Feeding yourself and two babies is a job not for the faint of heart I had to eat a lot of food! I also had a history of hemorrhage, and Judith got to work to try to do what we could to minimize that risk


It was a blessing to have the kind of care I preferred, but it was a serious decision; a multiple birth carries many more risks than a single but, it seemed we had the perfect set up; two separate membranes, the presenting twin was head down, and the second was a breech. The doctor I had gone to was adamant that I had to be prepped for a C-section in the surgery room on a table to labor That way he’d be ready if anything went wrong He said that I would not be able to move around or walk, they had to monitor the babies constantly I didn’t like that idea I believe birth is a natural occurrence and doesn’t need medical interventions I think that most of the birthing complications are created, rather than solved with medical protocol Once we began seeing Judith exclusively, my anxiety about the birth dropped significantly


I was able to carry my twins full term, just 2 days shy of my due date My body was a little worn out and my blood pressure was starting to rise, and with wisdom, Judith gave me a gentle nudge, to start my labor I labored just a few hours while walking around with my husband outside in the beautiful spring air Then it was time to go inside My sister, my mother, midwife, and husband were all there to support me They checked me and the babies regularly, but not so obtrusively as to interfere with my efforts to labor Judith was very helpful suggesting different positions and massages to ease my pains Then the time came to push With twins, my presenting baby was head down, but just a little off center Pushing wasn’t going as well as I expected Then Judith suggested trying an all fours position on the bed, so it was nice and comfy on my knees Within minutes, my baby boy was born. If I hadn’t have been able to move with my body and find what worked, I know that it would have resulted in a C-section My husband caught my son with Judith’s help, and immediately gave the baby to me I had worked so hard for nine months to get him here safely I just laid there in tears of joy holding my precious gift from God My husband was able to cut the cord after it had finished pulsating, and we were able to bond with our little one, using the best baby heater, me, the mommy!


It seemed just a short time (actually about 20 minutes) before I began to have contractions again My little girl wanted to come too! Judith broke the bag of waters and didn’t even have time to change her gloves before two little feet were kicking out of the birth canal she was in a hurry; she didn’t want to let brother get all the attention! With gentle ease, I delivered my second twin footling breech with no problems I had my twins at home with no complications. There was my little girl just as wonderful a miracle as my boy I was amazed at the rate my heart grew that day I wondered if I had enough love for two babies at once, and I was relieved to find that yes, indeed, I did I made myself dizzy looking from precious face to face as we attempted to get them both to nurse Both babies weight over 8 pounds each


The delivery was so smooth and Judith’s care so prompt, that my bleeding after birth was very minimal. Usually in my other births I bled 4 times as much as I did with my twins, and that is a miracle Throughout post partum, Judith continued her more than wonderful care She helped when my baby girl was jaundiced She really addressed all my needs besides just physical My husband and I were so thankful to find such a great midwife to help us in our journey as parents