Maude’s Story

Maude’s Birth Story

An overwhelming awareness to push…  your body taking over and doing the job for you before
you even realize what’s happening. The sensation of your babe descending into the World,
coming to you. The immediate relief from all pressure, pain, and exhaustion when you feel your babe finally slide out.

Totally and completely incredible.   I experienced such at all my births.  Such Wonder!

This was my third journey through pregnancy.  My first two pregnancies and deliveries were
hospital births- 2 different hospitals with 2 different doctors.  I feel like they were good
experiences.  No complications, no pain reliever or inductions.  I was a dyed in the wool,
hospitals are the way to go lady.  I would not even consider home birth.

After my second child was born, I was learning and growing in a certain way.  God was showing
me my fear of losing loved ones.   Even as simple as it sounds, I began to realize that through
both of my previous births I had put the doctors in the place of God; I expected them to come
through and shine in any “crisis”, unlike, in my mind, a midwife could also do- through Christ!

When I saw the warped way of my thinking, I gave it to the Lord.  Needless to say, God brought
all this about, and here I am, writing my birth story with Judith!

My name is Maude Finley.  My husband Al and I decided to change our “birth history” and go
homebirth this third time around.  I browsed the web, narrowed it down to Judith and one other midwife that a special friend of mine had the opportunity of birthing with.  When we met Judith, it was instantly like we knew each other.  In our very first conversation, we covered the quick random questions I had, plus our combined love for the Lord!  Wow, what a refreshing difference- my first doctor was a Muslim; my second, a “good person”.

I feel that through my pregnancy with Judith, I had WAY better prenatal care than ever before.
No joke.  Leg cramps?  She can help.  Back and hip pain?  Yep, she’s got that covered, too.  So
many little things that tie in together!  I really felt enlightened on this journey.

Well.  My first labor started a week past due date; my second, a week early!  Previous labors had always been productive.  Not so this time!  I had days of contractions 3 minutes apart! Since they were being unproductive and sleepless, Judith encouraged me to do some exercises that would help turn Baby.  They worked!  A few days later [8 days early] my real labor kicked in.
Al started inflating the birth pool [this TOTALLY makes a birth sublime, ladies!], and I set
out candles and a relaxing cd that I had no bad memories with.  It might sound silly, but trust me, you don’t want a nightmare moment creeping up in the music when you are in the middle of a breathtaking contraction!  We dimmed the light, and I left on my sports bra and waded right in to relax.

*NEWBIE MOMS WARNING:  If you are a pretty modest person like I am, please just open
your mind to yourself and be prepared to accept the very probable fact that if you start out in your uber cute “birthing outfit”, you will be madly flinging it all off when you reach the real deal of labor.  Just saying.  My first hospital bag hosted a “birthing gown” .  Hah hah I didn’t even bother the second time around.*

Ok, back to the story!   Judith got there, and it was just Al, Judith, and me.  Just lovely.  Words
couldn’t describe the complete peace I felt during this labor.  I had truly thought that my 2
hospital births were peaceful.  Ha!  This one took the cake, hands down.  No nurses raucously
laughing in the nurses’ station, no BEEPING, beeping, beeping- oh, did I mention beeping?!, no nasally voiced “ok now we are going to check your dilation, ok now we are going to hook up
your iv, ok before you do anything else, you really need to sign these documents!…

Just the lapping of warm water with my movements.  The heat, energy, love coming to me
through Al’s hands.  Judith’s quiet responses drifting over to me.  I have a tendency to enjoy the in-between of contractions with visiting!  That’s just how I am.   When a contraction would come I could totally focus on my baby, “Come to me, Babe!  Come down and greet the world!  You and me, we will release you together!”

Honestly, I don’t know how long this labor was.  You know, it has to last; it has to happen to
receive your babe, so you might as well enjoy yourself as much as you can.  Being frightened or
focusing on the pain won’t make it disappear, won’t make this incredible life-giving moment go
away.  Focus on your delivery, the feeling of your warm baby, your little one hungrily nursing.

This warm birthing pool was working out great!!!  It was my first time; it definitely won’t be my
last!  The warmth from the water soothed SO MUCH that it actually took away my transition
pain.  I had to ask Judith if she thought I was in transition!
I had asked Judith to check my dilation when she got there.  She did,  I was progressing
nicely.  She encouraged me to check myself, so I did throughout the rest of labor.  Judith had told me that she would stay in the background and let me lead my labor; she would intervene only if she felt it necessary.   I just didn’t realize to what extent!  {The doctors had said the same thing. When it came to delivery they arrive for the first time… and then take charge}.

Well, my sweet baby decided to come down- and out- in one contraction!  I have never had such a quick delivery.  We greeted our sweet Giselle Anne and she slid out and Al handed her to me!  Judith and Al supported me over to a low cozy bed, and I cried over Giselle and we celebrated together.  Giselle cuddled with me and nursed herself into a happier little thing.   After a while Judith told me to go ahead and give a few more pushes to deliver the placenta whenever I felt like it.  It came out in 2 pushes, very gentle and simple.  Judith and Al helped me to the living room couch, and the rest, as they say, is history!

To wrap up my story, I just want to thank God for giving me Judith.  He sure has blessed our
family!  I feel that Judith is a part of me, of our family.  Judith, I just want you at the rest of our
babies arrivals- Lord willing, that will be the case!  This was my mantra throughout my
pregnancy, a verse found in Second Timothy chapter One.  When I woke up with pregnancy
nightmares, I would hold it close to my heart: “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of
Power, and of Love, and of a Sound Mind!”

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